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The tenth annual Champions of Health Awards took place on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa. Six winners were honored for their efforts to improve the health of Oklahomans. The evening featured KOTV Channel News 6 anchor LeAnne Taylor, and Alex Cameron KWTV News Channel 9 News anchor as emcees and Regis Philbin as the keynote speaker.


Dr. Rodney L. Huey Memorial Champion of Oklahoma Health Winner:
The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Free Nurses Clinic (Tulsa)
The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Free Nurses Clinic focuses on improving the health and wellness of individuals who are homeless, uninsured and underinsured by providing health services, education and advocacy. The program provides basic health care needs, as well as counseling and education on health behaviors, self-care skills and treatment options. Those in need of care do not need to make an appointment; walk-in's are welcome, and standard. No special identification is required and no fees are charged. The clinical nurses serve as health advocates and believe that restoration and management of an individual's physical health, is the first step toward improving the prospect of future stability and ending the crisis of homelessness.

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Champion of Children's Health Winner:
Champion of Children's Health – Fit Kids of Southwest Oklahoma (Lawton)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with other leading health experts, predict that this generation of children will be the first that will not outlive their parents due to the health implications of obesity.  This is the driving force behind the Fit Kids of Southwest Oklahoma Coalition. Its purpose is to create a community where fitness and health are no longer a project or event, but a way of life. The coalition promotes the idea of a community-based participatory process to improve community life and employs strategies that involve a wide range of local organizations. Each partner recognizes that a successful collaboration can lead to better outcomes than any one partner could produce on their own. As the name indicates, the focus of Fit Kids is children, but we realize that we must grow a healthy community for all persons. Only by working together will we be able to make the difficult changes necessary to combat childhood obesity.

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Champion of Children's Health – Finalists:
Margaret Hudson Program (Tulsa)
The Margaret Hudson Program (MHP) takes a comprehensive approach to providing the services pregnant and parenting teenage girls and their children need by making available to them the opportunity to continue their academic education with the support of child care and both social and health services. They provide these services in order to diminish high school dropout rates, reduce the likelihood of pre-term births, and prevent the cycle of poverty and under-education experienced by many teenage mothers. They strive to achieve these goals because nearly 1,200 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant every year in Tulsa County. Founded in 1968, the program has served over 9,000 students and their children.

Global Gardens (Tulsa)
Global Gardens is a Tulsa-based nonprofit organization dedicated to creating community gardens at Title I schools. Global Gardens targets disadvantaged students who are affected by food insecurity, obesity and related health concerns. Each year, 1,300 of these students participate in hands-on, seed-to-plate experiences through which they learn to plant, grow, harvest, cook and appreciate healthy vegetables and fruits. Global Gardens makes students excited about healthy eating and cooking and gives them the tools to promote their own long-term health and well-being. Students consistently report that Global Gardens is helping them to make healthy food and lifestyle choices, and to promote these choices in their families and neighborhoods.

Champion of the Uninsured Winner:
Tulsa County Medical Society Foundation (Tulsa)
The Tulsa County Medical Society (TCMS) Foundation has been providing support to the community since 1986. In 2010 the TCMS Foundation refocused its mission to identify one significant need and use all its resources to address and improve the outcomes. A Lewin Group study identified the most significant gap in services in Tulsa County as the lack of non-emergent specialty care for low income uninsured residents. The TCMS Foundation established Project TCMS in 2011 to address this need. Project TCMS is designed to aid the medically indigent residents of Tulsa County by establishing a network of volunteer physicians and community partners who have a seamless operating system of providing non-emergent specialty services to patients referred by safety net primary care clinics in Tulsa County.

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Champion of the Uninsured Finalists:
Fred Loper, MD (Oklahoma City)
For Oklahoma City's men, women and children who live on the margins, Dr. Fred Loper witnessed their medical desperation and, unlike many others, did not turn away or imagine that someone else would respond. Since opening a "free clinic" in a downtown tavern in the late 1970s, Dr. Loper has guided the creation of Good Shepherd from its humble beginnings into an enduring base of free medical care for the medically vulnerable in the heart of the city. Today, Dr. Loper's leadership is transforming Good Shepherd into a full-time medical home that will offer 4,700 appointments to 1,560 uninsured Oklahomans next year alone. He also inspires medical students and other volunteers to carry on the mission for generations to come.

Morton Comprehensive Health Services (Tulsa)
For over 9 decades, Morton Comprehensive Health Services (MCHS) has cared for vulnerable citizens. After Tulsa's devastating race riot, a MCHS founding hospital helped survivors when no other would. Today, MCHS has become the largest Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in NE Oklahoma, bringing healthcare to over 21,000, where 51% are uninsured. With 70,000+ encounters, MCHS is Joint Commission accredited, the 1st FQCH noted as a Primary Care Medical Home, a Teaching Health Center, a member of a Health Information Exchange, and in a CMHC. MCHS also offers free transportation assuring access to both care and 26 agencies. Through many trials, MCHS has simply stayed a course dedicated to quality healthcare for those most in need.

Community Health Champion Winner:
Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network (Oklahoma City)
Since 1994, the Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network (OKPRN), a nonprofit primary care practice-based research network, has been helping primary care providers throughout Oklahoma improve care for their patients. OKPRN has created a learning community through an interactive listserv platform, newsletter, website, meetings, and through feedback provided to clinicians related to their performance compared to best practices. There have been over 70 research projects completed, 85 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and improvement in numerous clinical outcomes have been realized. Oklahoma citizens come out the winners, as they receive state-of-the art care and experience improved outcomes.

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Community Health Champion Finalists:
Tulsa Health Department - Refugee Screening Program (Tulsa)
Historical information of the Tulsa Health Department Tuberculosis (TB) Refugee Screening Program is a supportive aspect of U.S. refugee policy, which reflects our core values and tradition of being a safe haven for the oppressed. The rate of TB disease remains high for many years after immigration, making it essential that the TB Refugee Screening Program identifies and treats latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) prior to the development of TB disease. Additionally, the prevalence of drug-resistant TB and extrapulmonary disease is higher among foreign-born persons, making the diagnosis and management of these cases both challenging and essential for effective prevention and control of TB among newly arriving refugees.

Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center (Norman)
COCMHC has pioneered the integration of primary care services in a community mental health setting at its state-operated location in Norman, OK. Since 2009, with the receipt of a federal award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA), COCMHC has provided a range of primary care services to individuals with behavioral health and substance abuse diagnoses in the attempt to prevent early mortality among these individuals. Since opening in 2010, the COCMHC Wellness Center has provided preventive, acute and chronic disease care to more than 1,200 consumers. Services also include specialty referrals, dental services, exercise groups and interactive journaling in addition to traditional behavioral health services.

Champion of Senior Health Winner:
RSVP of Tulsa, Inc. (Tulsa)
Since 1971, RSVP of Tulsa has served the health of those age 55+ by matching their time, talents and interests with volunteer opportunities. Studies among the aging populations found a significant connection between volunteering and good health. The report shows that volunteers have greater longevity, higher functional ability, lower rates of depression and fewer incidences of heart disease. Surveys show that 82 percent of members responded that their volunteer position is very important to their physical and mental health.

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Champion of Senior Health Finalist:
Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma (Tulsa)
Oklahoma ranks 10th in the nation for senior hunger as 1 in 16 Oklahoma seniors struggle with hunger. The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma is committed to assisting low-income senior citizens who are at the highest risk of hunger through the Senior Servings program in low-income housing complexes, senior centers and congregant meal sites. Food distribution takes place every other week at 10 sites in Tulsa, Nowata, Osage and Washington counties. Fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery items and shelf stable foods are provided for the seniors to cook and eat at home. Currently the program provides food to 450 low-income seniors. The program will double its service in the coming year.

Corporate Health Champion Winner:
Valir Health Corporate Wellness Program (Oklahoma City)
Valir is comprised of 385 dedicated health care professionals ranging from support staff, to nurses and therapists. For more than seven years Valir has been committed to improving the overall health and wellness of all employees and their dependents. Valir's commitment to health and wellness is most evident by number and variety of resources dedicated to the wellness program. The "Valir Commitment to You" program is a comprehensive health and wellness program that provides education, support, resources and incentives for participating employees. The overall success and impact of the program has been nothing short of phenomenal.

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Corporate Health Champion Finalists:
Chesapeake Energy - Health Coaching (Oklahoma City)
Chesapeake dedicates itself to helping employees and their families improve their health and well-being. Our state-of-the-art incorporates Health Coaches to work with clients, define goals and create individualized plans. Various staff around campus refer their patients to health coaches as needed. Employees get the benefit of comprehensive, continuous and coordinated care. Health coaches educate their clients on stages of change and urge clients toward action. Intense, one-on-one time is the key to health coaching and at Chesapeake coaches have an intimate understanding of the wellness resources available to employees and can link employees to these opportunities, increasing their rate of success.

Tulsa Health Department - Working for Balance Program (Tulsa)
The Tulsa Health Department's Working for Balance program is the internal employee wellness program that offers support to all employee and their family members to support healthy initiatives. This program focuses on individuals with a strong emphasis on policies and creating healthy environments. The program offers support through education, individual coaching, incentives, and wellness events. Working for Balance has been a model for many programs in the Tulsa area as it is positioned to offer support to other companies. THD is a convener for the community and assists many companies in creating and maintaining their own wellness programs utilizing Working for Balance as a successful model.

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