Do you know a Champion?

The Champions of Health program honors and supports those people and organizations that are working to improve Oklahoma's health and the program holds them as examples so others can follow their lead. Working together, we can improve the health of Oklahoma. Nominate your Champion of Health today.

It's easier than ever to nominate a Champion. Champions of Health nominations may be submitted digitally. Online nominations have the same rules as printed nominations.

*** For best results, it is recommended that the Champions of Health Nomination Form be completed through an Internet Explorer browser only. ***

Please take a close look at the requirements before submitting your digital nomination.

Both digital and printed nominations are judged using the same criteria. We recommend that your answers be typed, edited and spell-checked in a text document, and then copied into the nomination form. Character counts do include spaces.

Questions? Call 855-628-8642.

If you would like to submit your nomination as a a hard copy, download a Printed Champions of Health form PDF File and mail it to:

Champions of Health
Attn: Lauren Dennison
3817 N.W. Expressway, Suite 300
Oklahoma City, OK 73112