Do you know a Champion?

The Champions of Health program honors and supports those people and organizations that are working to improve Oklahoma's health, and the program holds them as examples, so others can follow their lead. Working together, we can improve the health of Oklahoma.

Nominate your Champion of Health during the 2020 nomination period. Entries will be accepted from Wednesday, April 29 through Friday, May 29. It's easier than ever to nominate a Champion by using our online form.

Please submit your Champion of Health nomination online .

We recommend that your answers be typed, edited and spellchecked in a text document, and then copied into the online nomination form. Character counts do include spaces and punctuation – please check that your responses are within the specified character limit. Nominations with responses that exceed the character limit will be disqualified. You may make limited modifications to your submission by logging in with your name and confirmation number before the nomination period has ended.

Please take a close look at the requirements before submitting your digital nomination.

Questions? Contact Ellen Devereux at 918-551-2164.